Competitive advantage through employees essay

When adopting low cost strategy organizations the product must be perceived by consumers as comparable to the ones offered by the competition and have a price advantage.

Organizations like Office Depot, Dell, Amazon and EBay have succeeded not because they have become "online" but because they have adopted a competitive strategy and gained an edge over their rivals based on competitive business models.

Of course having a flexible organizational structure helps but it does not negate misinterpreting opportunities, misjudging the usage of the information systems; and misuse of technology for wrong purposes etc. In organizations as Apple INC have developed training and development programs that will focus on skills and attitudes, decision making, ability to work in teams, creative thinking, it is aimed to be a process that will incite innovation and creativity.

Get someone based on personality and their ability to work, not on their past work experience. Career paths are narrow and positions that are not entry level are filled in house. Companies according to Michael Porter need competitive advantage in order to achieve its strategic goals.

This can be lucrative: Superior innovative skills will result in better technology and innovation Superior Resources These are the substantial requirements that facilitate a firm to effect its skills.

More importantly it allows the organization to achieve core competencies by allowing it to collaborate within its units, suppliers, other organizations by creating a network of businesses. Finally, pay particular attention to the culture of your firm.

Success stories in the business world requires product differentiation or low prices or a combination of both, but the firm has to be able to know which strategy best suits it in its industry.

Highly skilled employees may allow you to offer a superior product for which you can charge a premium. They developed programs in which employees live and work with customers which has led to many innovative and profitable products BLOCKER et al Michael Cunningham in his work "Making B2B Your Operational Standard" realizes the importance of collaborative commerce systems and indicates that enterprise benefit from across the supply chain productivity as it reduces costs and offers cost and process differentiation advantage.

Despite enterprise systems uses and supports, the key challenge is for management to identify what they consider changeable, what is dynamic and which aspects of their organizations can incorporate change.

Changes in the strength of the forces signal changes in the competitive landscape critical to ongoing strategy formulation. As in a differentiation organization we see the reach to a next step by implementing employee wellness programs and use health and safety to increase their competitive advantage by positioning as going beyond the limits.

Porter's business strategy concentrates itself with the product and the market scope.

Competitive advantage

Others to consider include: The 2nd school of thought opines that the strategies may be combined together to achieve CA. Make sure you check references.

A variety of perspectives can yield lucrative ideas about how to differentiate your product or service, or even create new ones. Information technology too have the important role of transforming business functions to intelligent functions and help in establishing competitive advantage.

When adopting a differentiation strategy an organization reaffirms that human capital is key in gaining your competitive advantage it centralizes the importance of Recruitment and Selection.

Nokia has entered a stage of business inertia and Apple through differentiation has achieved CA. Suresh Kumar writes that business processes require business innovations in making process reengineering meaningful and worthwhile for the business.

It can help organizations in innovating its business processes which in turn affect its bottom-line costs and thereby help in gaining a competitive cost advantage over rivals. Think about the days where you skip your workout or hit the drive-thru for lunch.

First, review your business strategy. The degree approach recognizes that little change can be expected without feedback, and that different constituencies are a source of rich and useful information to help managers guide their behavior.

A low cost strategy can be defines as the attempt for an organization to make and deliver products at lower cost. It will examine the essence of choosing a competitive strategy that best suits a business.

Apple's training and development can range from training the staff or employees on how to use a new piece of software, complete a form, give good customer service or write a professional letter. Physiological needs food and shelter Safety security, employment, health Self esteem, confidence and achievement Self-actualization creativity, problem-solving At the most basic level, we work to put a roof over our heads and food on the table -- fulfilling our fundamental physiological needs.

A competitive advantage is what makes an entity's goods or services superior to all of a customer's other choices. The term is commonly used for businesses.

How HR Strategy Can Help You Gain a Competitive Advantage

The strategies work for any organization, country, or individual in a competitive environment. This essay would now discuss what a competitive advantage is and how a company can build a competitive advantage over other competitors in the same industry by using two furnishing stores, Ikea and Courts as examples.

A Sustainable Competitive Strategic Advantage Words | 6 Pages. At the outset, this paper aims to establish what constitutes a sustainable competitive strategic advantage, and the methods through which this can be achieved. How leaders can gain competitive advantage through employee engagement.

Career Brilliance—Career Resilience. Set Aside Time for Onboarding. Insights How leaders can gain competitive advantage through employee engagement. JW. By The real question for leaders is how much competitive advantage can you gain by improving employee.

Sustainable competitive advantage is an edge a firm enjoy over its competitors by offering superior values to customer that result in superior profit and growth. Building on these underlined assumption this dissertation the link between a firm’s success and the competitive advantage.

Maybe your source of competitive advantage is operational effectiveness. Skilled employees, who find ways to reduce internal costs, can increase operating margins. A strong internal culture – one marked by high employee morale and engagement, can increase productivity, and ultimately, increase profits.

Competitive advantage through employees essay
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Competitive Advantage Through the Employees Essay