Essay save trees save environment

The earth needs more. So planting trees where possible is an answer to this natural reduction in tree population. Trees are very important source of cleaning and refreshing air as they produce oxygen and consume green house gases by filtering and intercepting the airborne particles, chemicals, toxic gases, reducing heat, absorbing CO2 and other pollutants like sulphur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide.

Global warming will melt glaciers and increase the sea level drastically. They consume all the CO2, refresh air from toxic gases and prevent us from the air pollution. You can eyeball this by laying your fork across the hole.

They are good source of absorbing and storing rainwater thus prevent from harms after storms. It is believed than natural fertilizers enhance life span of plants.

Save Trees Essay for Students, Kids and Children

In this case, you have some options, including making a contribution to organizations who will plant trees in different parts of the world on your behalf.

Some are already going further. So, we are destroying our own planet by destroying the most valuable resource of our life. Baker spent the rest of his life traveling the globe organizing planting projects and, in speeches and books, raising public awareness of the need for more trees. Today, we are all called upon to walk in Baker's footsteps.

We are obviously losing the great biodiversity of land that we should proud of. TF is operating 2, village projects around the world, planting more than 10 million trees in some areas, at a cost of a cent and a half per tree. Print and copy on both sides of the paper.

Baking Soda and Vinegar can work just as well as other cleaning products. As a result, paper manufacturing is replacing natural forests by such types of plantations.

They prevent us from many diseases by purifying the air, maintaining the ecological balance, providing medicines, etc.

Save Trees Essay

Large and mature trees are more benefiting in nature than smaller ones as they capture more carbon, filter green house gases at high rate, capture more storm water, provide big shadow and combat urban heat, reduce energy use and many more, so we should not cut them even in emergency.

We should participate in the discussion or meeting related to the trees conservation issues in the community or state. It helps to save paper and trees.

Use reusable grocery bags rather than plastic bags Get your IT equipment like computers, laptop, printer, and phones recycled or decomposed in order to reduce related air pollution and water pollution.

Save trees is a slogan used to motivate people to save trees and plant more trees in the surrounding areas by spreading the importance of trees among people as well as reduce deforestation and cut down of.

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Essay on Save Trees Article shared by In times when deforestation has led to global warming, acid rain and the green house effect; ‘saving. Save trees, save a life is not only a slogan, it is a reality and our responsibility to all of us to save our healthy environment and green earth.

Trees are a symbol of life on the earth because the trees are also the living beings.

Essay save trees save environment
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