To drill or not to drill

You will see three bars for the data of the quarters available. Even had those sanctions not been in place, the low price of oil would have made such exploration a far less appetizing prospect for the moment.

Power BI automatically creates a hierarchy for any data field whose values can be parsed into a DateTime structure. Nonetheless, the Gulf looks like Club Med compared to the Arctic. Categorical data - If your data is derived from collections that contain sub-collections, or otherwise has rows of data that share common values, you have hierarchical data.

Onshore, the situation was the same: Even though the Axis data field is Month, it still creates a Year category in the Axis well. While there have only been sporadic studies of the marine environments in question since then, no comprehensive benchmark study for the Beaufort and Chukchi seas has ever been done; nor is there any thorough understanding of how the marine food web works in those seas, or of the population sizes and distribution of any but the sentinel species whales, polar bears, walruses, and seals.

Arctic has been driven not by that hallmark of science, curiosity, but by the desire to drill for oil and gas -- by, that is, two impulses that are quite unscientific in nature.

And keep in mind that a disaster of this sort would not remain conveniently contained in the Arctic. Let's continue to drill down one field at a time. Shell still needs approval on several permits before it can head north. The half-century of commercial calm in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas ended, however, in the late s, when oil exploration began.

To Drill or Not to Drill, That Is the Question

Knowing that, and knowing as well that there is no proven technology for cleaning up a major oil spill in the ice-choked, forbidding, mostly dark environment of the Arctic seas, Shell is nonetheless back again. Just over two weeks later, however, the administration also issued the final supplemental environmental impact statement for Chukchi Lease Salewhich includes blocks of Arctic waters adjacent to and upstream from Hanna Shoal.

To Drill or Not to Drill, That Is the Question

To drill back up, select the up arrow in the upper-left corner of the visualization. Each territory has one or more cities, each city has one or more postal codes, and so on.

Drill mode in a visualization in Power BI

Commercial whaling in the region, which started inended by aboutwhen petroleum supplanted whale oil as the fuel of choice. Expand all and expand one field at a time Having a treemap that shows us only a postalcode isn't very informative.

As it turned out, the plaintiffs won twice, first in the U. The public comment period on the draft ended on December 22nd. For example, you can drill down for a specific year, or see all of the results for each year as you go down the hierarchy. Drill down one more time to the postalcode level of the hierarchy.

Oil Spill Sparks New Debate: To Drill or Not to Drill?

Mar 03,  · To Drill or Not to Drill, That Is the Question. The major oil company Royal Dutch Shell wants to drill in the Chukchi Sea this summer and that could, in the long term, spell doom for one of the. To Drill or Not to Drill? • Level W 9 10 Reasons to Drill in ANWR Americans drive millions of cars, along with trucks, boats, and planes.

The United States still has oil, but not enough to meet its own demands. It must buy the rest—more than half of the oil it uses each day—from many different countries. As you work in Drill mode, you get to decide how drill down and expanding impacts the other visualizations on the page.

By default, drilling will not filter other visuals in a report. But this feature can be enabled in Power BI Desktop and Power BI service. A drill constrains the parameters affecting the behavior of the system to minimize potential influences. To be clear, even actual sport games have constraints or rules governing behavior, but a drill, by definition, is always more restrictive than the actual game or competitive environment.

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To drill or not to drill
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